The list of 203 Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) elders (181 TEs & 22 REs) which appears below is published in the publicly available Minutes of the 47th General Assembly of the PCA (pages 80-85). The list as it appears below is a reproduction of the list just as it is published in the Minutes. These men signed their names to a public protest in a public venue before a multitude of witnesses in an Assembly open to the public on Friday, June 28, 2019. Noting that this protest was intended to be public and has been published by the Administrative Committee of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), the list of signatories is published below.

As you survey the list below, please keep in mind your duty not to impute motives to any man, thereby avoiding a violation of the Ninth Commandment (see WLC 143-145). This is especially important when you are deeply opposed to an action taken by a fellow professing Christian. In the spirit of Proverbs 18:17, please consider reaching out to any of the individual signatories to TE Kevin Twit’s protest, and making all appropriate inquiries before coming to a judgment about or taking action in response to a man’s motivations or character. It is not appropriate simply to refer to the list of signatories published in the Minutes of the 47th General Assembly of the PCA (pages 80-85) and republished below as some kind of ‘do not call list.’ Any concerns you may have may be sufficiently addressed through pursuing a line of charitable inquiry with men you know who have signed Pastor Twit’s Protest. For more recommendations on appropriate actions to take in response to the information presented in this website, please visit the Action page.

Name, Presbytery
TE Doug Serven, Hills and Plains
TE Charles McKnight, Central Carolina
TE Ryan Baker, Hills and Plains
TE Charles Anderson, Central Indiana
TE Greg Ward, South Texas
TE David Keithley, Northern Illinois
TE James Han, Korean Southwest
RE Ken Kostrzewa, Southern Louisiana
RE Richard L. Jamison, South Coast
TE Matt Ham, Central Carolina
TE Andrew Kim, Korean Eastern
TE Tom Patton, Evangel
TE Casey Shutt, Hills and Plains
RE David Daniel, Southern New England
TE Ronald Rowe, North Texas
TE Kenneth Aldrich, Suncoast Florida
TE David Martin, Southwest Florida
TE Steven Chitty, Northern California
TE Loren Bell, Missouri
RE Luke Calvin, Missouri
TE Howard Brown, Central Carolina
TE Jonathan Robson, Columbus Metro
TE Owen Lee, Korean Capital
TE Austin Pfeiffer, Piedmont Triad
RE Alexander Jun, Korean Southwest Orange County
TE Andy Moehn, Westminster
TE James Madden, North Texas
TE Michael Novak, South Texas
TE David Filson, Nashville
TE Chris Sicks, Potomac
TE Gray Ewing, Arizona
TE Daniel J. Young, South Texas
TE Bruce O’Neil, Chesapeake
RE Tim Wierenga, Chicago Metro
TE Mitchell Carter, Nashville
TE Jeff Summers, Metro Atlanta
TE Robert Edenfield, Gulfstream
RE David Westerfield, North Texas
RE James Pocta, North Texas
TE Greg Meyer, Missouri
TE Mark Upton, Central Carolina
TE Jeff Suhr, South Coast
TE Jason Cornwell, Calvary
TE Gorden Fleming, Central Carolina
RE Towner Scheffler, Ascension
TE Robert Browning, Covenant
TE Brian LoPiccolo, Chesapeake
TE Kenneth Campbell, South Texas
TE Clay Warden, Tidewater
TE Sean Roberts, Northern New England
TE Daniel Sung, Potomac
TE Chris Polski, Missouri
TE Casey Cramer, Nashville
RE James Miller, Pittsburgh
TE Joshua Burdette, Pacific
TE Brian Davis, North Texas
TE Mitch Welborn, Siouxland
TE Ryan Laughlin, Missouri
TE Chris Smith, Missouri
TE Chris Jhu, New York State
TE Ethan Smith, Piedmont Triad
TE Randy Lovelace, Chesapeake
TE Douglas Tharp, Eastern Pennsylvania
TE Duane Cory, Rocky Mountain
TE Brian Hand, Eastern Pennsylvania
TE Nate Bower, Ohio
TE Ross Dixon, Missouri
TE Clay Holland, Houston Metro
RE Paul Richardson, Nashville
TE Matthew Cadora, Ohio Valley
TE Keith Robinson, Missouri
TE Derek Radney, Piedmont Triad
TE Justin Smith, North Texas
TE Brad Anderson, Northern California
TE Justin Chappell, Rocky Mountain
TE Dan Katches, Northern California
TE Dan Herron, Central Indiana
TE Greg Schneeberger, Rio Grande
TE Drew Martin, Central Carolina
TE Brad Edwards, Rocky Mountain
TE Daniel Levi, Central Florida
TE BJ Milgate, Central Florida
TE Travis Drake, Philadelphia
TE Robert Becker, James River
TE Paul May, Potomac
TE David Schweissing, Pittsburgh
TE Greg Blosser, Columbus Metro
TE Jay Sklar, Missouri
TE Dagan Mayfield, North Texas
TE Keith Berger, North Texas
TE Rob Wootton, James River
RE Josh Spears, Hills and Plains
TE David Richter, Southern New England
TE Clay Wooten, Hills and Plains
RE Trevor Laurence, Piedmont Triad
TE Jason Mather, Pacific
TE Scott Sauls, Nashville
TE Rob Yancey, Jr., Potomac
TE Aaron Morris, Pacific Northwest
TE Mike McLaughlin, Missouri
TE Jesse York, Missouri
TE Chris Bowen, Lowcountry
TE Scott Mawhinney, Suncoast Florida
TE Taylor Clark, Southwest Florida
TE Omar Ortiz, Southern New England
TE Todd Gwennap, North Texas
TE William McCutchen, Lowcountry
TE Jeremy Kemp, Southwest Florida
TE Bijan Mirtolooi, Metro New York
TE Matt Wiley, Hills and Plains
TE Jonathan Winfree, Southwest Florida
TE Timothy R. LeCroy, Missouri
RE Dan Barber, Central Indiana
TE Kenneth Leggett, Nashville
TE David P. Cassidy, Nashville
RE Nathan Partain, Central Indiana
TE Jeffrey Rendell, Philadelphia Metro West
TE Steven Brooks, Georgia Foothills
TE Matthew Guzi, Central Carolina
TE Justin Woodall, Southwest Florida
TE Walter Lee, Korean Capital
TE Chris Florence, Fellowship
TE Omari Hill, Central Carolina
TE Benjamin Lyon, Tidewater
TE Ewan Kenndy, Metro Atlanta
RE Jason Kang, Metro Atlanta
TE Scott Kerns, Suncoast Florida
RE James W. Wert, Jr., Metro Atlanta
TE Kyle Hackmann, Eastern Canada
TE Peter Rowan, Susquehanna Valley
TE Ben Jolliffe, Eastern Canada
TE Michael Colvard, Catawba Valley
RE Joe Thompson, Missouri
TE Robert Binion, Jr., Northern California
TE Matthew Lanser, Pacific Northwest
TE Jason Bobo, Hills and Plains
TE Scott Brown, Arizona
TE Dan Adamson, Chicago Metro
TE Chris Accardy, Covenant
TE Jason Polk, Missouri
TE Jeremy Mullen, Southern New England
TE Justin Grimm, Columbus Metro
TE Cameron Barham, Northwest Georgia
TE Wes James, Illiana
TE Philip Kruis, Arizona
TE Chris Talley, Tennessee Valley
RE Tag Tuck, Blue Ridge
TE Irwyn Ince, Jr., Potomac
TE Jeffrey Birch, Central Florida
RE Todd Phillips, Houston Metro
TE Mark Hertenstein, James River
TE Russ Ramsey, Nashville
TE Shane Hatfield, Hills and Plains
TE Glenn Hoburg, Potomac
TE Jeremy Fair, Hills and Plains
RE Titus Bagby, South Texas
TE Jon Talley, Wisconsin
TE Steven Cooper, South Coast
TE Stan McMahan, Jr., Southwest Florida
TE Hace Cargo, Metro Atlanta
TE Joel Branscomb, Piedmont Triad
TE Jonathan Iverson, Central Florida
TE Kevin Vanden, Brink Missouri
TE Wesley Martin, Hills and Plains
TE Tim Jackson, Missouri
TE Luke Brodine, Metro Atlanta
TE Nicholas Davis, South Coast
TE Travis Marsh, Northern California
TE Travis Scott, Pittsburgh
TE Scott Seaton, Potomac
TE Justin Edgar, Rio Grande
TE Shawn Slate, Tennessee Valley
TE John Standridge, Rio Grande
TE Bradley G. Wright, Houston Metro
TE Robert Schmidtberger, Philadelphia Metro West
TE Bob Cargo, Metro Atlanta
TE Aaron Baker, Chicago Metro
TE Jake Patton, North Texas
TE Caleb Galloway, Southeast Alabama
TE Michael Phillips, Metro Atlanta
TE David Ridenhour, North Texas
TE Brian MacDonald, Southwest Florida
TE Jim Wilkerson, Palmetto
TE Ron Lutjens, Missouri
TE Grant Beachy, Eastern Carolina
TE Pat Hickman, Central Indiana
TE Charles Johnson, Nashville
TE Bradley Barnes, Southern New England
TE Lance Lewis, Northern California
RE James Hawes, Hills and Plains
TE Kevin Witten, South Texas
TE Larry Hoop, Ohio Valley
TE Curran D. Bishop, Southern New England
TE Dan Jackson, Wisconsin
TE Aaron Ingle, Central Carolina
TE David Wallover, Ohio
TE Chad Baudhuin, Wisconsin
TE Hansoo Jin, Korean Capitol
TE Daniel M. Smith, Arizona
TE Isaac J. Terwilleger, Platte Valley
TE Michael W. Honeycutt, Fellowship
TE Taylor Leachman, Houston Metro
RE Adam Drews, Potomac

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